August 27, 2008

The Aldan 4th of July parade....they threw candy...and people were dressed like was awesome!

Philly at night!
Epiphany Fellowship Church
Sunrise at sea!
Chillin' at our new favorite place in the world...Cococay!
Clint and the Wingate boys at the Summer Beach Project in Myrtle Beach,  SC

Our summer was VERY busy but so amazing!  We started the summer as we usually do, serving at our Summer Beach Project.  This is one of our favorite times of the year as we get to watch the Lord changes the lives of the students we have grown to love by using the non-stop schedule, unique fellowship, and intense focus on God's word that the SBP is known for.  Our lives were so radically transformed as students on the SBP, and so each summer brings new anticipation to see just what God will do.  
Shortly after leaving the SBP, we took a "Babymoon" to the Bahamas!  We loved the cruise and scenery, but there was a new sense of enjoyment as we embarked on hours of snorkeling in Cococay!  We have agreed that we could snorkel every day and never get tired of it!  Now we are wishing all the more that Myrtle Beach's waters weren't so....brown.
After returning to our home for a short 4 days we set out to visit some friends in Philadelphia PA.  We had so much fun enjoying the 4th of July festivities (see above parade pic), meeting new friends, and enjoying old ones.  The Lord really did a lot in our hearts while we were there and set us up for a few months of prayer and seeking His will for our future!
Though we love adventure and travel, Wingate starting looking pretty appealing after our late summer return to the SBP.  We are happily home and enjoying the very slow, quiet life that this little college town offers!

   We are THRILLED to introduce to you the newest member of our family!  This picture is of our sweet little one at 21 weeks!  
We found out we were pregnant the night before Easter and decided to tell our family on Easter sunday via "Easter cards".  The outside of the cards simply said "Happy Easter", but when they opened them, we had written "you are going to be grandparents!" on the inside!  The response (absolute shock and overwhelming joy) was priceless!  Rachel's pregnancy has been almost picture perfect so far!  We feel so blessed by the Lord to have had a pleasant and fun 7 months so far!  Baby's sex is TBA...we are waiting to find out in the delivery room somewhere around November 26th!

Darst on the Daily

Hello Friends!  Welcome to the Darsts' blog!  We hope that this new addition will help you all stay a little more in the loop with what goes on in our crazy lives!