February 17, 2009

The Things You Do!

Our little baby girl is growing up (literally considering she is taller than 75% of most 3 month olds...but average weight) right before our eyes.  Sometimes I feel like she gets bigger over night.  As she grows and becomes more of a baby than a newborn, she gets more and more fun.  We have laughed from day one at the hilarious things she does.  For example, we have multiple videos we filmed in the wee hours of the morning her first week at home.  This was to document her unbelievable cuteness, but more so her hilarious facial expressions.  She will love this one day.

In addition to funny faces, miss Eden has made herself rather famous for her very unladylike flatulence.  She has literally woken us from sleep with the volume!  She will hate this one day.

Most recently, Eden has gone from a sweet little babble to us and her favorite bunny, to an all out yell!  My ability to talk on the phone has almost completely diminished.  I dont mind this.  I couldn't talk to anyone as a result of my hysterical laughter anyway. 

February 11, 2009

Celebrating more than 45 minutes of sleep...and her first New Years Eve

The mere time lapse since the last blog is a window into the last 3 months for us. Since the arrival of our little pumpkin, it seems that life has been busier and harder than ever. When I was prenant, people (sometimes random people in Walmart) told me all the time: "Girl, your life is about to change." I would smile politely and say "Yeah, I know, we're excited!" I had no idea how right they were....

The first month of Eden's life was one of the hardest I have ever had. She was suffering from a horrible case of colic and was around the clock gassy and uncomfortable. I altered my diet over and over to see what I was eating that resulted in these sleepless nights...and days (milk...go figure). Clint and I lived in shifts. He, up til 4 am playing video games to stay awake. Then me, up from 4 am on trying to soothe our very sad baby. An excercise ball my sister gave me while I was pregnant literally saved our sanity. I lived on that ball for weeks...into months. I cried and bounced...and sometimes slept.

And then...we drove to Washington DC for our New Years Conerence. I had dreaded this trip since she was born...8 hours in the car with a screaming baby on I95, great. However, this was a turning point for our little bundle of gas...she slept the ENTIRE way there. Only waking to eat. At the same time I was both rejoicing over the easy trip and dreading what 8 hours of daytime sleep meant for the night..and consequently for the rest of the conference. Maybe she just likes a fast paced lifesyle...but our little girl was a totally different baby that week. No belly aches, no screaming so hard the neighbors could hear...and on top of it all...a 7 hour night of sleep! I could function again! That was at 6 weeks.  Last friday Eden turned 3 months old. 

Though these has been the hardest and most self-denying 3 months of my life, they have also been some of the most joyful. There are no words to explain what your heart feels for your own child. I could write pages and never come close to doing my heart any justice.  It just cant be explained.  

Being patient with Mommy as she plays with her new camera.

Showing her new trick (responding to someone sticking out their tongue by doing the same) to Tayler at the New Years Conference