December 21, 2011

Oh, December

December has been a little chaotic for us.  With the end of Clint's first seminary semester, crunch time for our ministry schedule, sickness running through the house, and preparing for Christmas, its been a little nuts.  We have been trying to usher in the baby Christ by doing daily (ha) devotions and crafts from Truth in the Tinsel (which I highly recommend!).  Though it hasn't been as "Christmasy" as I'd hoped, we are still making memories.  I feel like Christmas is never as ideal as I hope...I keep hanging on to the hope of next year being less crazy.  Hopefully this time, that will be true.

I was encouraged by my friend Carrie's blog recently.  She says it so well, and I think our ideals can be unfair because of what others holidays look like.  Hello, Pottery Barn December catalog!  You know why its unfair to look at those pictures and think "I wish my house could be like that during Christmas"?  NO ONE LIVES IN THOSE HOUSES!  It's an epiphany I had this week as I attempted to wash dishes, make a Mary popsicle craft, read scripture to a 3 year old and balance a cranky 14 month old on my hip.  This is what Christmas looks like here.  All day Veggie Tales Little Drummer Boy marathons because the whole family is too sick to do anything else, half done advent devotions because I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, no lights up anywhere in the house (except the tree) because I can't find a drop cord, and no. Christmas. cards.

But you know what?  My baby knows which Little People is Jesus,  my 3 year old knows about an angel named Gabriel visiting 2 women with news of babies to come, and believe me, we know the story of the little drummer boy.  Baby steps.  And though I may not be living up to the mom bloggers I read, I know this.  We are being faithful in the chaotic, sick, clingy, imperfect reality that is our life.

So, here are a few pics of the (few documented) December happenings around here.....
We love shatterproof ornaments...

Decorating the tree.  

playing together.  One of my most favorite things in life right now.

Nias learns to watercolor.  What a big boy.

December 1, 2011

Chelsea {Senior}

Whats more fun than taking pictures?  Taking Senior pictures of your little sister in the town you guys grew up spending holidays and summers in!  Chels asked me to do this a long time ago, but we couldn't get our schedules together until Thanksgiving weekend.  We were blessed with a perfect (not too cold) wednesday and headed out to find some rustic fun alleys and buildings in the T.O.B.
Here are some of my favorites


                                                             Biggest smile in the world.

                                      Nothing like bubbles to get the facial expressions going!

                                                        My elementary school. Heart.

                                                                Love this...just love it.

Chels and her love, the basketball court.  I love how this turned out!