March 24, 2010

Baby Love

The Darst house has been a little crazy lately!  Having a toddler is, in general, unpredictable in a very fun way.  I feel like Eden learns something new everyday.  Today, it was the word "wow".  There are few things in life cuter than watching a little girl read a book and hearing "ahhh...WOW!" when the pages turn! 

In addition to the everyday silliness of our home, my husband has been working sun-up to sun-down on our Summer Beach Project!  We are expecting our biggest summer ever!  There are projected to be more students on this project than ever before in Campus Outreach Charlotte history!  Praise the Lord!  We are getting super excited as the months quickly roll by!  It will be here before we know it! Please be praying for these students as it approaches.  The SBP has been one of the 2 most influential (the other being one-on-one discipleship) instruments in our lives!  Pray that would be so for the 150(ish) students this summer!! 

This morning added a little peace and much much joy into our non-stop schedules.  Clint and I had the privilege of hearing the heartbeat of baby #2!  We were so excited and so so thankful to hear a good report!  And on top of that...we left Eden with our very first (yes, it is really late for this..) non-family babysitter.  We left while bubbles were being blown in the sun-room and returned 2 hours later to find her playing in the living room.  SHE DIDN'T CRY, NOT EVEN ONCE!  What?  Our child?  The child that refuses to stay in the nursery without crying uncontrollably until her whole head is red?  She had met these girls ONCE!  And she had a blast!  Huh...imagine that!  So, props to you Rebecca and Shannon, you successfully conquered the impossible! 

Needless to say, it was a very very good morning :)  No tears and a healthy baby...this 2 baby thing is working out well already!

March 8, 2010

Things We Love

I have been wanting to write a lil something about this for a while.  In the Darst family, if you like something, it quickly becomes known to everyone you meet.  My husband is an evangelist at heart...and anything he loves, he evangelizes.  This has rubbed off.  And the thing that follows, we LOVE.

So here goes...volume one of Things We Love.

The number one thing we love these days......

The Mentalist!!  

If you have not heard of it, have no fear!  We are here to spread the wonderful news of great entertainment!  The Mentalist stars Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) an ex-psychic who works with the California Bureau of Investigation to help solve crimes.  After a serial killer watches his psychic antics on a morning talk show, Jane comes home to his wife and daughter murdered.  Jane then declares his psychic abilities nonsense and explains that he only "pays attention to detail".  He joins the CBI full-time with implicit motives to catch Red John.  The plot weaves Red John in and out of it's weekly shows, but never ever disappoints. 

Hasn't pulled you in yet?  Here are some reasons we love it.

1. It delivers CSI-type suspense without all the gory (and sexual) ickiness

2. It has the MOST likable cast of any TV show we have ever seen!  Patrick Jane is witty, charming, and unpredictable.  Cho is another favorite, his blunt dryness is very endearing!

3. The writing is excellent.  They somehow keep a light air (via Jane) to the otherwise darkness of crime scenes and death.  (ie: its not too scary for me to watch!)

We are on a mission to convert people to the wonderfulness of The Mentalist.  If this serves to push you in that direction...please do share! :)

March 1, 2010

Its been a while!

Obviously, life has been a little crazy!  We have continued to travel a lot and have some really fun times in our own house.  So....hes a recap of frenzied February:

With the end of football season, we begin preparing (and praying for the Dolphins) for September!

We get a (very late) Christmas gift...that she LOVES.
Daddy goes to Asheville for our annual Winter Blast, and Yaya comes to visit!

We enjoy the few days of warm weather by helping Daddy pick up sticks from all the ice and snow!

We have a Team Leader retreat to prepare for our Summer Beach Project and host 12 student leaders in our home!  Momentum builds as the months roll by!  This is our biggest event every year, and one that has changed our lives!  

We find out some fun news....

WE'RE Pregnant!  

Frenzied February indeed.  :)